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From: Kevin Berry
Subject: Feeling Horny at Work 2Original story by Kevin Berry, loosely based on real events.So I'm here in the lolita girls gallery models
office on overtime again. I overslept this morning and
so I had to do extra hours late. Shit, well it looks like I'm the only one
who overslept today.So I sneak into incognito mode on my web browser and load me up a chat
site. Since there's no-one around. Even as I'm logging in my cock is
getting hard at the idea of jacking off with again while I'm at
work. Sitting up in my suit pants. Feels good on my thighs.So I log into a chatroom and pull up my rolling chair. Playing with my
cock, shaking my legs. Knocking my balls around with my thighs. I can feel
my face flushing from my horniness. I've been waiting all day for this.There's a guy with cam on. A hot little stud desperate for a whack off. His
vid pops up on my screen and I'm laying back watching his hot little body
squirming with pleasure.While I watch him jack off, I strip off my tie and undo my shirt
buttons. Wander over to shut the blinds and lock the door. As I walk back
to my leather chair, my cock is bursting to get out. So I sit, and lay my
hands behind my head, watching my stud cum over free lolita sex clips his young smooth body, then
disappear without a word.I stroke my hand on my furry chest. That was niiiice. Down to my stiff
cock. Mmmmm. I have an idea.I click on the webcam and my vid fills the screen. Light from my desk lamp
floods my body as my cock presses tight against my suit. I see my naked
upper body and smart pants on the screen.3 people are already watching.I point the cam at my throbbing crotch and lower the zip, vibes flowing
into my cock through the zipper. I drop my trousers to the ground over my
dress shoes. The round head is stretching the tight white material of my
boxers and soaking it in man juice.More and more small lolita pussy pictures
people start to connect to my cam, watching me let myself go
in the same place I type and call from every day."Hot!""Very nice."I smile at my invisible audience and rub my cockhead through the
material. Squeeze my balls with my legs. Ohhh yeah."Show ur cock!""Take off ur boxers plz..."Ha ha I love my crowd. And I willingly obey. I pull my boxers down to my
ankles and lie naked in my work chair. My cock is throbbing in front of me,
and I can't help but start to jack off for my fans, rubbing my body with my
own hands. Jacking real slow.I don't read their messages any more.Precum on my fingers.... yeah...My cock feels amazing. Sliding the foreskin back and forth in my
office. Knowing that so many people are watching me. feeling my balls with
my fingers. Eating up the precum.Sliding the foreskin back, stroking that sweet spot. Pulling on my
nipples. Groaning. Ohhh hell yeah...Faster on my cock.Harder on my balls. Mmm.I jack off harder. I groan again. louder. no-one can hear
me. Oohhhhhh... shit! Shit motherfucker... Im gonna come and just feels
like... oh motherfucker...The world stops. i cant feel anything. I go blind. No pleasure or pain or
world out there. Cum flies. Fireworks burst. I come. My breathing goes
deep.My senses wake up as I see the office around me again.I came at work. On cam.Awesome.---Story written by Kevin BerryIf you liked it, let me know at'll turn me on ;)
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